Why Balance Macros?

Why is it important to balance your macros at every meal and snack?

Think of each meal and snack as a puzzle –> every time you eat, have a protein, a carbohydrate and a fat.

We need protein every time we eat to provide essential amino acids that cannot be made in the body and must be obtained through the food we consume… Amino acids are super important for growing and repairing cells, increasing muscle mass and feeling more full after eating. Your needs will vary depending on your muscle to fat ratio and your goals/objectives but will be based on your lean body mass and amount/type of exercise you do.

We need carbohydrates every time we eat to fuel our brain and muscles. Favourable options also give us heap of vitamins and minerals, vital for correct body function. These favourable options are also naturally low in calories.

Less favourable options make us gain weight and crave more bad food due to their high calorie content and negative effect on our appetite hormones. The effect of the nasty SUGAR ROLLER COASTER where your energy levels and mood spike up and down throughout the day.

We need fats every time we eat because it is our main energy source for our muscle tissue and daily functions. This fuel is much more readily available to use in our bodies and in converting over to being a more efficient fat burner and using dietary fat as our primary fuel source, we more readily burn our fat stores within our bodies when we have used up all other available energy, helping us to create lean and strong bodies. Favourable options also give us important fat soluble vitamins, and help us feel fuller for longer.

Favourable Vs Less favourable

Favourable = real food, natural, unprocessed (animal proteins or non-GMO/organic legumes and lentils if vegan or plant based, and anything that grows in the ground or on a tree like plenty vegetables, some fruit and some starch).

Less favourable = anything in packaging, processed, man-made, additives, pro-inflammatory foods (grains, cereals, sugar, alcohol, dairy, GMO/non-organic legumes).

Sliding Scale: Imagine all foods on a scale, on the far left are all the favourable foods, on the far right all the less favourable. In no mans land in the middle are the “ok” foods… These are the lesser processed but more convenient options. No matter what quality food you choose, we are aiming to have a balance of your macronutrients every time you eat. Less favourable options might mean you need to eat less quantity of that food.

CORRECT WHEN, WHAT AND HOW MUCH = HAPPY GREEN ROLLING HILLS! (Constant & balanced energy levels, rather than massive spikes and troughs!)


Stacey Turner

My desire to learn more about nutrition started at a very early age. I have always loved cooking and when I was little, I wanted to be a chef. I can’t wait to work with you to help you experience your most optimum level of health and wellbeing. Follow more great advice from Stacey here.