training yourself to want, not have.

Want, not have.

Do you tend to want, not have?

“When a person’s energy is tied up in judging their body, it ties up their power as well…”

In Chapter 5 of her new book ‘This Messy Magnificent Life”, my Guru, Geneen Roth then continues to sail through home base with this doosey…

“And if you continually put your life on hold for what it will be like tomorrow or next year, or when you finally loose weight, you won’t recognize that you already have what you want. You will have spent years training yourself to want, not have.”

Okay, G-drizzle way to drop the mic… Let’s hear that again…

 “…training yourself to want, not have.”

Training, otherwise known as ‘conditioning’ is a concept most of us in the health and fitness world are very familiar with. But we are used to it in the context of increasing strength, fitness, and on-point nutrition. But what about the gym of our minds? How are we conditioning our inner selves? Are you even aware of your power to condition your inner experience? Or that if you don’t… something else will?

We live in an amazing country, but our culture constantly conditions us to want MORE. To have more. To BE more. We spend our lives (and our money) on the ever-evolving hamster wheel of ‘want, not have’.

Sound familiar at all? Read on…

A population quietly conditioned for ‘want, not have’ not only keeps the economy in hyperdrive but keeps its people distracted from what’s really going on around them. It is a trap that will keep you focused on the size of your thighs while the world, its dodgy politics and your life sails by.

Don’t get me wrong, a strong economy and aspirational health goals are great! But if we get our minds right, we can harness our power into sustainable and bigger picture ‘better-ness’ all round.

If you have been subconsciously conditioned to want, not have, even when you ‘get there’, you won’t truly be able to recognize or enjoy it. You will self-sabotage until you are back on that familiar hamster wheel of never enough. Of wanting, striving, but never having, because that is what you have been conditioning for. It is the way you know how to live.

This might seem a little weird coming from a company that relies on people’s desire to improve their athletic performance, inner health and let’s face it, feel sexier… but it’s really not.


Because The Chief Life is so much more than a rockin’ bod and high reps. We want you to love and appreciate your amazing self (body, mind and soul) along the journey, not just at that magical ‘one-day’ destination. Joy lies in the journey! We work out and eat beautifully not because we are not enough, but because we ARE! Because your life is precious and if taken proper care of, powerful beyond imagination. And believe it or not, you will not only maximize but sustain your results way better from positive motivation than negative motivation.

I’d like to finish on Geneen’s challenge to her readers and now, my challenge to you…

“Imagine what you could do if you stop turning your energy against yourself and use it instead to question what you’ve been hypnotized into believing about the size of your body, and speak up for what matters to you and your children.”

If you want more on this topic, go to The Chief Life Podcast and listen to Travis Thomas ‘Live Yes’ Episode #111 all about mindset and taking the ‘improv’ approach of ‘yes and’ to a better life.

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