Too Much!!

Did that big stress come from out of the blue?

The possibilities of having a big melt down in life are dependent on a few factors.

Here are some questions for you:

How do you react to stress?

Do you have a system for dealing with stress or problems that come up?

Do you take time out?

Are you aware of your presence or do you get caught up in the mad rush of stress?

The chances are you have experienced some sort of small stress and you have also experienced some sort of massive stress. Before we start, juts to clarify that some stresses are good for us and provide intellectual, emotional and physical growth. But today we would like you to focus on the stress that makes you panic, breathless and debilitating.

Why would you want to focus on debilitating stress?

The answer is plain and simple. Because we want you to be able to deal with it in a way that lessons the amount of harm that it is going to give you. With simple tools and a system to deal with stress you will be able to deal with a situation that was once daunting, in a very calm and collected way.

Usually a big stress is caused by a accumulation of smaller insignificant problems. So when we look at the importance of dealing with the small stuff, we can soon see how important having a system, method or tool in place can prevent a very big stress from happening down the road.

Here are a few statements that will hopefully give you some food for thought:

Clearing your mental space after an argument and not leaving it to fester!

Sitting down to eat and not wolfing your food down!

Enjoying the moment and not holding your phone up to video everything.

Stop and think before you react to someone being an idiot.

Negative self-talk! (Tell yourself something great that is happening and start building a better picture of life in your thoughts)

One of my favourite questions to ask myself today and everyday is:

“Am I present?”

Just the shear act of asking yourself the question puts you into a present space. I use this question just before I have a big decision to make or need to be focussed on task. Try it out!

“Am I present?”


How do you go about your daily routines? When an unexpected situation or unplanned event comes along, how do you deal with it so that is doesn’t throw your entire day out of sync?

Tim Ferris has a system he uses and it is called the power of saying no.

Say no to more and more things so your life is less clogged up and less busy. This takes practice just to warn you. Saying no is a powerful skill and will free a lot of your time up. Saying yes too many times but burn you out and split your commitments.

All of the small wins that we get from life build up and shape our overall view and feelings. If you can deal with all of your small stresses swiftly and in a way that benefit you, you will find that when the big problems come along you will no exactly what to do and you wont crumble to the ground.

How do you deal with the small stuff? 🙂

Rudd Rayns

My passion is to learn from and teach people the ‘Why/How Factors’ to get them to be the best versions of themselves. Follow more great advice from Rudd here.