I recently partook in an 8 week challenge with my local CrossFit Box where we had all our meal plans created by The Chief Life which were so easy to follow. Through Stacey and Matt I have gained some invaluable knowledge about nutrition and I can’t thank them enough for all their ongoing support. I knew that the challenge would be hard at times, but it really helped to be doing it alongside a great group of people to help keep you accountable. My goal was to lean out and loose that stubborn fat I have been trying to banish since giving birth over a year and a half ago. In 8 weeks I dropped from 51.1kg with 18.7% body fat to 48.2kg with 15.1% body fat which I am more than happy with. My performance has improved and I definitely feel like I am getting stronger YAY! Have already been recommending friends and family to check out The Chief Life – they are just amazing!