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The benefits of grounding

The benefits of grounding

Grounding or earthing refers to the simple act of placing our bare feet on the natural ground. Ground such as dirt, sand or grass. By doing that, we are in direct contact with the Earth. The surface of the Earth is charged with electrons which are absorbed through our feet when we are grounded. It has been suggested that these free electrons, which are negatively charged, will neutralize the free radicals in our body. Which are positively charged? These free electrons could thus function as antioxidants and they may be beneficial to counteract inflammatory-related diseases. Chronic inflammation is increasingly recognized as the culprit behind most of the modern chronic illness.

What’s stopping us from grounding?

The majority of us wear shoes with rubber soles all the time. Therefore, we are completely isolated from the ground the whole day – meaning ungrounded. This is not natural for our body, as during millennia people have been walking barefoot or with shoes. This allowed them to be grounded (mainly made out of animal skins; synthetic rubber was just discovered in the past century). Many people also slept on the ground or on skins.

If you think about it, our whole body is electrical – from the functioning of our heart to the functioning of our brain. If we have to ground electrical equipment, why shouldn’t we have to be grounded ourselves if we are “electrical beings”?

I know what some people might be thinking at this point, I was there too. But it did make sense to me and then, after looking at the scientific studies that have been performed on grounding the human body, I do think that grounding is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle. So let’s look at what science has been showing.

What does grounding do?

Grounding, or earthing, refers to connecting electrically with the Earth.  A growing body of research is finding numerous health benefits as a result of the physical body being grounded. Unfortunately, with our modern rubber or plastic soled shoes and insulated sleeping arrangements, we no longer have a natural electrical connection to the Earth, unless walking barefoot.

Our immune system works its hardest when it’s supercharged with electrons, which can be obtained in abundance in a surprisingly simple way: by walking barefoot on the earth. Because our feet are locations for the connected muscular webbing known as fascia, absorbing energy through the feet—a practice called grounding or earthing—promotes healing throughout the entire body.

Many of us do not experience these incredible effects as profoundly as we could because we are constantly separated from the Earth by shoes and sidewalks as much as our busy minds and schedules. In contrast, many indigenous cultures actively honour and celebrate our beautiful planet on a regular basis. They value their relationship to Mother Earth and the nourishing, healing effects she has on our bodies.

Grounding has been practised since the beginning of time when our ancestors walked around in bare feet or conductive leather moccasins or sandals. Perhaps this is one explanation for their longevity and good health. After the invention of rubber-soled shoes, a non-conductive barrier was erected between mankind and our greatest source of electrons – the earth. As our direct contact with the earth fades through the routine use of synthetic flooring and shoes, electromagnetic instability threatens our health.

Why does grounding work so well?

When it comes to science all our cells are made of atoms. So atoms possess unique positive and negative charges that are based on the number of negative electrons or positive protons they carry. Many healthy atoms have a negative charge because they possess more electrons; however, these atoms can have electrons “stolen” from them, leaving them highly reactive and damaging. When found in this state, they are called free radicals. As damaging free radicals infiltrate cells and tissues, our health declines. The only way to stop this destructive process is by supplying the body with neutralizing antioxidants or a large dose of negative electrons, through grounding.

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