#96 – Ben Schwartz – Staying True To CrossFit

This week we’re joined by Ben Schwartz. Ben was the first operating CrossFit Box within Australia. After running his gym for the last 11 years successfully Ben touches on what he believes to have kept the gym pumping after all of these years.

Ben explains his experiences from a young age and how his ‘old school’ mentality got him to where he is but it didn’t come without taking it’s toll. He learnt first-hand that grinding through injury because you’re trying not to be soft can be so disruptive to training and life. This allows Ben to coach his athlete’s correctly and talk them down from the edge when they’re potentially thinking about the now and not further down track in their athletic career.

Ben and the Schwartz’s community have had multiple appearances at The CrossFit Regionals and Games. Both individual and team athletes work hard each year under the programming of Ben and the coaching staff at Schwartz’s CrossFit Melbourne.

Ben explains how the birth of his kids has changed his perspective however he still just loves taking athletes with no athletic base to being well rounded and competitive athletes. Getting back to the basics and staying true to what CrossFit really is has helped Ben and the Schwartz’s team be successful for years on end.

CrossFit Schwartz are running their training camp on November 24th & 25th (2017) and it’s open to the general public.  You can get involved by emailing your interest to Schwartz.training.crossfit@gmail.com

You can find Ben Schwartz