#95 – Riss Carlyon – Reconnecting Your Intuition!

This week we bring you Riss Carlyon. Riss teaches yoga out of Inna Bliss Studios. Riss is also a Reiki master and teaches others how to become both a yoga teacher and a reiki  master.

Riss explains that even though parts of yoga’s history and the act of reiki might not be that common that a good teacher will be able to take the principles of the practices and make them relatable to the modern world.

Riss dives deep into her life changing moment, where up until this point she had done everything that was “expected” of her from the modern world. From this realization or awakening if you would Riss made major life changes and followed her gut instinct.

Riss goes deep into what Chakra’s, Energy Healing and Reiki are and give some modern day insights into the Yogi realm.

You can reach Riss: