#92 – Logan Gelbrich – Go Right! (Part 1)

This week we deliver another guest full of knowledge, previous guest of ep. 29 Mr Logan Gelbrich. Logan is the owner of Deuce gym, part owner in Original Nutritionals, works on The Crossfit Strongman seminar staff and delivers his own online course (Strongman 101, and 202) as well as traveling the world delivering his ‘Hold The Standard Seminar’.

Logan is coming to Sydney, Australia to deliver his course on November 4th & 5th. You can register your interest by emailing seminar@deucegym.com

In part 1 of this 2 part podcast we go deep down the rabbit hole of Logan’s new book that is in the final editing stages. The Book is called ‘Go Right’ and essentially is an adult self help book, in which his goal is to have an objective argument for the pursuit of peak expression/your dreams.

Logan explains how and why the book writing adventure began and of course we go deep into the concepts of the book. This episode is packed full of so much goodness and should not be missed!

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