#90 – Shannon Brenton – A Clinicians approach, Free Supps & Why You Need Cell Charge in Your Life

This week we have Shannon Brenton on the show. Shannon is the owner of PSE Supplements, a Clinical Nutritionist and Naturopath that specialises in chronic sickness and optimising human performance. We’ve split this episode into 2 parts as Shannon has a wealth of knowledge that we were exposed to.

Although Shannon had the life he always dreamed of having he decided to sell up everything and travel Australia in a caravan. Through doing so he has been able to connect more. Connect better with his wife and kids, connect better with the greater community and connect with new people from all walks of life.

Shannon dives deep into why you might look for a specialist such as himself, things to look out for when seeing a naturopath, chronic health issues and finding an angle to attack the issue, mind set with nutrition and why PSE Supplements product ‘Cell Charge’ is his baby and has been life changing for so many of his patients.

Shannon has offered up a free bottle of Metabol X 35000 with every bottle of cell charge bought. Simply use the check out code ‘chief life’ and he’ll even give you free shipping. Only while stocks last. *Limit of one per person. You have to get in fast as this product shelf life is going out of date in 5 months (current month is October 2017)

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