#89 – Rob Forte – The Pacific’s Most Consistent Male Athlete

This week we’re joined by 7 times games athlete Rob Forte. Rob has been on top of the pacific leader boards in both The Open and Regionals for the past 7 years. Rob’s best finish at the games was in 2014 when he placed 12th.

We dive deep into Rob’s history in CrossFit and his training philosophies that have lead him to success year after year. Rob explains his 1%ers such as mindset, nutrition and recovery routines that have aided his journey as an athlete.

Rob is a gym owner, a fiancé, creates his own program and writes for his gym and other’s and yet he still manages to find balance and achieve his CrossFit games status year after year. Listen in and find out more about Rob’s consistency in the sport.

Rob is hosting some competitions at upcoming Fitness Expo’s. One in Melbourne and one in Brisbane! You can sign up at:


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