#86 – Alison Potts – The Act Of Meditation

Alison Potts is a meditation coach, and runs her own business called ‘Innate Being’. She Also runs regular Meditation practices out of ‘Inna Bliss Yoga Studio’s’. Alison explains how the act of meditation has a misconceived idea as to what is meant by practicing meditation. She explains how those blissful ‘Ahhh’ moments when you get to sit down at the end of the day or the admiring of a beautiful sunset, or that first sip of your daily cuppa can be all you need to start your meditation practice. The act of taking that extra second to really suck in that revitalizing moment can be the world of difference when it comes to mindful practices.

We talked about meditation being a healing practise and Alison talks from her own experience of having Multiple Sclerosis (MS). She explains how meditation can be used for forgiveness, to remove irritation and over come adversity.

If you have any interest in meditation, furthering brain power and longevity, healing both mentally and physically through the power of mindfulness then this episode is a must listen.

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