#84 – Tex McQuilkin – Sports Specific Application

Tex McQuilkin is a part of the ever-growing force called Power Athlete. The Creator of CrossFit Football John Welbourne has now grown his team and started operating under the umbrella of Power athlete of which Tex Fits into. Tex is one of the original coaches on the original CrossFit Football seminar team and since has helped to grow Power athlete.

Tex travels the world delivering the CrossFit Sports Specific Application Course (formerly known as CrossFit Football). The team at Power Athlete deliver an array of content from face to face courses, an online academy, podcast and more.

We dive deep into Tex’s background and find out why he is so passionate as a coach of athleticism. Tex explains the methodology and philosophy of the Power Athlete team and the importance of it in not only a sports team scenario but actually for all CrossFit gyms and weight rooms.

Tex dives into the fundamental movements of the body, the importance of the basics and how to deliver to your athletes what they truly need! Listen in for more on Power Athlete and the CrossFit Sports Specific.

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