#76 – Amon Woulfe – Out Of Your Mind

This week we’re excited to bring you Amon Woulfe. Amon is a mindset performance coach who works with professional sports teams, corporate sectors, military and more. He is part of the team that worked with The NRL team Rabbitohs the year they won the premiership and is currently working with The Adelaide Crows.

Amon comes from a diverse background, being born into a hippie community, living in over 60 dwellings including tents, caravans, housing and more. From a $130 Million start up to following his creative routes in music to now diving deep into mindset, Amon has battled adversity and become a true warrior from working through it.

Amon talks about being a warrior both physically and emotionally. He explains how we bring this to fruition through our 4 brains. Your head, heart, gut and testicles or ovaries, along with how you build the ability to up and down regulate those brains.

Amon explains the 5 main brainwaves and their functions.

Delta – Recovery

Theta – Creativity/Intuition (subconscious mind)

Alpha – Calm/Single focus/Athlete Zone (zone of peak focus)

Beta – Short term cognition/Simple processing/Fight or flight/Stress state

Gamma – Flow state

We delve into caffeine and its affect on the brain and sports performance. Amon also dives into a list of his favourite nootropics.

These show notes barely touch the surface. Amon puts real world situations into perspective and gives you the tools to get your ass moving daily. Make sure you listen to it all the way through.

Websites mentioned

http://treaustralia.com.au – trauma and release

Amon Woulfe

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Out of your mind