#75 – Dr. Michael Breus – The Sleep Doctor Part 2!

This week we’re excited to bring Dr. Michael Breus, The Sleep Doctor, back to your ears. Dr. Breus is so enjoyable to listen to as he is so insightful when it comes to sleep.

We last had Dr Breus on the podcast on ep. 40 and in that episode he touched the surface of basics on sleep relative to so many different levels of people. It’s definitely worth listening to or re-listening to just to get a grasp before we dive deeper.

There are a few hiccups with internet connection as well as someone bumping into Dr. Michael Breus’ car whilst we’re talking with him! Dr. Breus’ son Cooper joins us for the end of the episode just before we got fully cut off on the call. But don’t worry, this episode is so jam packed with amazing information.

The Sleep Doctor dives deep into the levels of sleep and their function. He explains the results of studies on caffeine and the true effect it’s having on the human body, nootropics and his outlook on them, light as medicine, side effects of sleep deprivation and why these side effects happen, the latest things Dr. Breus has learned at the recent sleep symposium in the US, sleep and it’s link to depression, sleep from parents with newly born babies and the difference from your first to your second child, light supplementing during sports, blue blocker glasses, breathing structures for assisting with getting to sleep along with so much more!

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