#74 – Martin Collyer – Unravelling Yoga

This week we have Martin Collyer join us. Marty teaches yoga out of Inner Bliss yoga studios and is a co-creator and facilitator of the “Live Your Bliss” Yoga Teacher Training. Marty has an unbelievable amount of knowledge when it comes to Yogic scripture and philosophy.


The podcast starts with stories of Marty’s history in which he was a professional dancer. He talks of his triumphs and sacrifice that came with his journey, alongside the disbelief of family, friends, teachers and careers counsellors. Despite the constant shut down of dreams Marty never let himself get disheartened by the thoughts of onlookers, no matter how close they were to him.


Marty explains how he was introduced to yoga and how his experiences have blossomed over the past 20 years. He dives deep into the history of yoga and has a deep understanding of where certain beliefs arise from within traditional yoga.


Marty explains the evolution of yoga and really questions both the old and the new as certain statements can be seen as contradicting compared to others.


Even for the non-yoga folk this podcast is super insightful as to the beginnings and progressions of yoga, the physical, mental and spiritual connection, the links between stoicism and yoga and then more about religions, yoga and businesses.


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