#72 – Dr. Lindsey Mathews – Birthfit

This week we have an amazing podcast with Dr. Lindsey Mathews of Birthfit. Birthfit is currently a company running out of U.S.A however is rapidly growing and as you hear Lindsey say at the start of the episode it might not be too far off being a world wide super power!

Birthfit focus on helping pre, during and post partum for both mums and bubs. They base their program off of 4 pillars. Nutrition, exercise, chiropractic and mindset.

Through targeting different elements of these pillars Dr. Lindsey Mathews and her team at Birthfit have been able to prepare and witness thousands of healthy and happy births.

There is so much information jammed into this 90-minute session. Whether you’re a coach, husband, wife, or planning on having a baby anytime soon there is a wealth of knowledge to be soaked up.

Some of the topics include, going deep into the 4 pillars, talk about the role of a doula, correct movement for pregnancy and the importance of it, reasons babies breach and how chiropractic can aid mothers during issues like these, the movement patterns a baby takes from laying on it’s back to crawling and how these movements can be used to help mum’s with abdominal separation, the controversial topic of vaccinations, gestational diabetes and more…

Books mentioned in this show:

Mindset – Cael Dwek

The Obstacle Is The Way – Ryan Holiday

Childbirth & The Future Of Homo Sapiens – Michael Odent

Lying In – Richard Wertz

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You can reach out to Dr. Lindsey Mathews and Birthfit via:


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