#71 – Kristin Dayle Jacobsen – The Wealth Of Health

This week we have Kristin Dayle Jacobsen aka Freddy on the podcast. Kristin is a wealth professional who focuses on helping Gen Y population to give them a more fun, free and fulfilled life through world class wealth education, services and coaching.

Kristin explains how health and wealth tie together and why they are both important staples to a happy, stress free life. You often hear of people talking about financial freedom, well Kristin’s role is to help you achieve this status.

Kristin explains how his motivation for helping others achieve a happier life comes from past experiences of family members and close friends going through hardship, depression and real life struggles.

The Event ‘Wealth 101 (1/2 Day Live Event)’ with us (The Chief Life, Kristin Dayle Jacobsen of Connected Wealth, and Trudy Jacobsen of Creative Life Solutions Coaching & Counseling is on Saturday July 1st, 9am-1pm at The Paddington Tavern, 186 Given Terrace, Paddington, Brisbane, 4064.

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Kristin Dayle Jacobsen