#70 – Harriet ‘Haz’ Roberts – Road To Regionals

Harriet Roberts is a CrossFit athlete from the Pacific Regionals. She’s (as of 2017 Regionals) a 4x Individual athlete at Regionals with a highest placing of 6th in 2017 alongside 2 visits to the CrossFit Games on CrossFit Active’s team.

We talk about Harriet’s diverse cultural background from living in multiple countries as well as the choice of choosing a flag to have by her name as an athlete.

We talk about Harriet’s reflections on last year’s regionals where she narrowly missed going to the Games.

In the past year Harriet has changed gyms, coaches and programs. With most people being creatures of habits this is obviously a massive upset to what she knows. We talk about making the shift and how she mentally dealt with the big shift in life.

The day we recorded was the day they had released events 1&2 of the 2017 Regionals. We talk about how Harriet attacks the workouts and progresses her training from here (2-3 weeks before regionals) until game day.

Harriet’s one of our newest ambassadors and is fueled and ready to perform. We talk about how her nutrition has changed since being on The Chief Life. We’re stoked to have her on board and know she’s going to do so well this games season!

You can reach Harriet at

Instagram: @harrietroberts