#69 – Andreas Gloor – Reebok Australia

This week we catch up with Andreas Gloor who is the Sports Marketing Manager of Reebok South East Asian and Pacific Regions. Andreas looks after the relationship with athletes within CrossFit, UFC, Les Mills, and Spartan Race.


We talk all things Reebok from how they go about upgrading their products, though to the ethos of the company and what they look for in athletes. Andrea’s explains how he is trying to build the best support network he can for the current Reebok athletes. He explains what the athlete summit was all about along with the recent 11 world records broken by Reebok CrossFit Athletes here in Australia.


Andrea’s uncovers the percentage of athletes at regionals wearing Nano’s compared to other brands alongside how the aggressive insertion of Nike into CrossFit has been received as a healthy competition from Reebok. Always enduring to better their product.

Andreas openly asks for feedback on the product during the show. He invites both good and bad as anything they can do to improve the product will be better for both the consumer and Reebok.


You can reach Andreas at

Instagram: @andreasgloor