#137 – Michael Todorovic – Microbiome Part 1

#66- Dr. Michael Todorovic – Stem Cells, Fasting and A Dive Into Science!

This week we have Dr. Michael Todorovic on to talk about his studies and research findings, in particular on stem cells. Michael has a doctorate in Philosophy as well as a bachelor of Biomolecular Science with Honours and moving onto the PhD.

We dive deep into what stem cells are, how they’re being used, the ethics of using stem cells, where they’ve come from and where science is hoping to go with stem cell research.

We talk about the benefits of fasting and science behind it. How a 9-hour eating window has been most beneficial for health, as found through scientific research.

This description literally only just scrapes the surface of everything we talked about in this jam packed episode!

This episode goes deep; however keep listening as Dr. Michael Todorovic has an awesome way of bringing the density back to layman’s terms so everyone can understand!

Find Dr. Michael Todorovic:

Youtube: Biological Sciences

Twitter: @MickeyTod