#65 – James Hobart – 8 Year CrossFit Games Veteran (3x individual, 5x Team)

James Hobart is an eight-year CrossFit Games veteran (three individual, five team), James Hobart is the only athlete to have competed on two different Affiliate Cup Champion teams (CrossFit New England: 2011, CrossFit Mayhem Freedom: 2015, 2016). After starting CrossFit in 2009, Hobart joined the CrossFit Level 1 Seminar Staff in 2010, and is now a Certified CrossFit Level 3 Coach.


James defines himself as a coach first and an athlete second. As a ‘Flow Master’ on the CrossFit HQ seminar staff James travels most weekends around the world sharing his passion and knowledge, teaching and coaching athlete’s and coaches.


James has moved on from competing in the team with Rich and the rest of CrossFit Mayhem. Although he has placed incredibly high worldwide this year he is choosing not to compete as an individual this year however he does have hopes and ambitions to still be a part of the CrossFit Games in 2017!


Tune in to hear all about James’ experiences, knowledge, living and sharing times with CrossFit greats such as Rich Froning and Ben Bergeron.


Find James Hobart:

Instagram: @jameshobart