#62 – Julien Pineau & Richard Aceves – StrongFit Seminars

This week we welcome back Julien Pineua of StrongFit and welcome his protégé/translator/master of ceremonies/or the how to the why Richard Aceves! Go back and listen to episode 51 if you have not heard it yet as it’ll help Julien’s theories make a lot more sense here.

With the StrongFit team we clear up Julien’s description of mobility, as well as dive into their definition of movement, 3 rules of exercises to fix movement, brain function and how it can be used for coaching, gender based training, holding standards and values for your athletes as a coach ideal world client screening and gym procedures, Rich’s story, what the future of Strongfit holds and so much more.

Julien still blows my mind every time we talk. Do yourself a favor and enroll yourself in a Strongfit weekend course and coaches week course.

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