TCL Podcast Ep. 6 – Open prep for competitive athletes Cj Walker & Royce Dunne

With The CrossFit Opens only days away Matty sits down with CJ Walker and Royce Dunne to talk about their lead up and expectations.

Both of the boys are eager and excited as the opens approach and the competitive season kicks off for this year. They both boast great numbers and are more then capable of competing at regionals, however as always is dependent on their open results.

Cj has qualified for regionals for the past 3 years however has only competed for the last 2. We take a look at Cj’s CrossFit adventure so far as well as compare his training life in the air force to his CrossFit training.

Royce has put on massive amounts of strength and muscle over his 9 year training life. Royce compare some of his massive lifts other top level competitors.

The boys discuss;
Training histories
The importance of working your weaknesses
Schwartz’s challenge and why Royce only just lost to Cj
Plus much more.

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