#59 – Ryan Drake – Infinite x you!

Welcome back to the show Ryan Drake! The young mastermind behind ‘Torus Athletica’ and his new project ‘Infinite x you’ all whilst running a full time management role in IT.


Ryan has a massive heart and has a desire to help others. He created a ‘30 Day Love Yourself Program’ to help a friend out who was having a bad time and had trouble finding self worth. Ryan says in the show ‘if you contact him you’re more then welcome to your own copy’.


From this ‘Love Yourself Program’ Ryan realised that he could meet up with people and take them on a journey together, by putting them in a room and working out how they can fast track working through their limiting beliefs, blockages, and things that are holding them back, as well as shift their mood and feelings really quickly, in an environment that is supportive and conducive to change.


Ryan gives up a heap of insights and ways to help yourself and others.


You can find Ryan:





Facebook: Ryan Drake

Instagram: @rayndrake