#58 – Margaux Alvarez & Alex Cardinas– Prepare and Execute

This week we welcome Margaux Alvarez and Alex Cardinas to the show. Margaux is a 4 times CrossFit Games Athlete and Alex is her fiancé and coach.


Alex and Margaux’s family own and work on a vineyard and are currently processing a wine license so they can sell their wine at the CrossFit Games this year. On top of making and producing wine they have affiliated their garage gym with the ambition of opening The Vineyard CrossFit in August/September of 2017.


We cover so much in this episode from the processing of wine, fitting training in around owning a business, how both of them prioritise their day, balancing their love and coaching relationships, philosophies around training and nutrition, Margaux’s sister Kerstin and how her passing has inspired Margaux and drives her daily to live life to its highest potential. We answer all listener questions and really get deep on this show. Enjoy, we certainly did!



You can find Margaux and Alex at: