#57 – Andy Stumpf – Mastering Mental Clarity

This week on the podcast we have Andy Stumpf. Andy is an ex Navy Seal. He served for 17 years and was relieved of his service due to medical discharge. Andy now has various amazing hobbies and roles.


You’ll quite often find videos of Andy jumping out of planes or base-jumping off of cliffs as well, and he now holds the world record for the longest distance travelled in a wing suit. Andy is incredibly passionate and not afraid to speak his mind.


We talk all things from gaining clarity from base jumping, the state of the American people, dealing with medical discharge, building mental strength, and team building and leadership skills, just to name a few!


“Get outside of yourself, and realise at the end of the day the person to your left and right is equally as important as you are, and that their value and their input has equal value.”



You can find Andy Stumpf:


Instagram @andystumpf212

Twitter @astumpf77