#56 – Jaron Juanitis – Adopting An Unconventional Method For The Best Result!

This week we’re joined by Jaron Juanitis. Jaron is a Musculoskeletal Therapist based in Brisbane. Jaron was lucky enough to work along side a chiropractor that tested methods and techniques to find the technique that achieves the best results. This spun Jaron onto a learning path and in turn he has adopted a cross fibre manipulation, which he has nick-named ‘Myopractic’.


Jaron drops all sorts of knowledge bombs on how to fix acute issues, joint range of motion, different mobility drills and stretches to help you get started. Through manipulating not only the muscles and joints but also the nerves and tendons Jaron gets a result.


Through his unconventional method Jaron gets people out of pain daily. If you are in pain or debilitated due to a constricted or injured body we recommend you try and see Jaron.


You can find Jaron at:

Anytime Fitness, Hamilton


On Facebook:

Jaron Juanitis