TCL Podcast Ep. 54 – Pip Malone – Representing Australia In 5 Different Sports

This week we have Pip Malone, Australian representative in 5 different sports such as; Trampoline & Power Tumbling, Canoe Slalom, Weightlifting, CrossFit and has also competed internationally in The Grid League.


Pip, obviously a talented and hard working athlete, explains her loves and struggles with being a professional athlete. Whilst co-owning an affiliate, studying criminology in government and maintaining a professional athlete status, it’s obvious that Pip has a desire to strive for excellence.


We talk training, changing sports, decreasing/increasing weight classes, nutrition, future of her sports, and future ambitions.


You can reach out to Pip Malone:

Instagram: @pip_malone

Facebook: Pip Malone

Twitter: @phillipakate89