TCL Podcast Ep. 53- Brandon Swan – Priorities Over Excuses!

This week we have Brandon Swan, 3 times CrossFit games athlete and 6 times regionals competitor. Brandon is a humble human working his ass off to get back to the Games. He’s devoted his life to his goals and explains how he’s adapted his life to best optimise his potential to have the opportunity to compete at the CrossFit Games in 2017.


We talk about Brandon’s infamous performance in event 5 at the 2016 regionals where he literally went until fatigue. This performance cost him a ticket to hospital that night. Brandon however, wouldn’t let this stop him as he showed up to continue on Sunday morning making sure that he finished the weekend on his terms.


He explains his love for his partner, family and pets and how creating a simple routine with maximum support has been a game changer from previous years. Dropping from full time coaching to part time and taking the extra 20 hours per week and adding them to his sleep bank.


Brandon explains how his training scenarios over the years have adapted him as an athlete, he explains his injuries and recovery tools as well as simple drills he adds to his warm up every single day to prevent injuries and employ maximal strength.


This is a great episode with a heap of take aways and laughs.


Find Brandon:

@brandon.swan on Instagram or #swanstrong