TCL Podcast Ep. 52- Zach Even-Esh – Strong Body, Strong Mind, Strong Life!

This week we have Zach Even-Esh of Underground Strength. Zach lives in New Jersey and is the Owner of 3 gyms that mainly specialise in strength and conditioning for young athlete’s looking to step into the collegiate level. Zach is the author of ‘The Encyclopedia Of Underground Strength And Conditioning’ and he also runs’ The Strong Life Podcast’. Zach’s been training, inspiring, and creating content for the past 20 years and explains how his passion for what he does keeps him going.


This podcast is bound to FIRE YOU UP as Zach refuses to accept mediocrity as the normal. He explains how times get tough as an entrepreneur, however through remembering your why – and who you’re doing it for – it makes those days where you have to grind through a whole heap easier.


Zach tells the story of stopping a flight on the runway so he could get off. Due to a phobia of flying and the final decision to get rid of things in his life that take advantage of him and make him feel uncomfortable. He then explains later in the show that he overcame his fear of flying or made do with it while teaching his seminar all around the States!


Zach talks about writing his book, fighting through when the times get tough so you can reap the rewards later and all sorts of BAD ASS STORIES that are bound to put a fire in your belly.


“I think about my grandparents escaping the holocaust and I’m like… Nobodies trying to kill me, I don’t really have an excuse to be tired right now”.


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@zevenesh on Instagram or #stronglife


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