TCL Podcast Ep. 50 – Tony Blauer – Know Fear!

This week we have Tony Blauer of Spear Defense Systems, CrossFit Specialty Course Spear, and Spear for self-defense specialists, martial artists & safety experts!


Tony quickly explains he’s cautious of how he explains how he teaches due to people getting on their high horse in regards to a “self-defense” course in one day. Tony always says “Don’t hate me, hate the bad guys”


He explains the difference between fighting, martial arts and self-defense through 4 different categories. He explains how everybody has a natural primal instinct they are hardwired with. Tony he helps them to learn how to use their primal patterns to their advantage if they were to be attacked.


“100% of people who have previously been attacked all said they had a bad gut feeling before their attack.”

Situational awareness is the biggest thing!


Tony is well known for his knowledge and commitment to helping others with fear management. This goes above and beyond just being attacked. It could be overcoming daily obstacles, challenges, and roadblocks. What would you do if you had no fear? Why not get to know your fear and learn to manage/control it.


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