TCL Podcast Ep. 49 – Heiko Van Vliet – The Compex King

On this weeks episode we’re joined by Heiko Van Vliet, who works for Compex and travels around the world working with top-level athletes. Heiko was born in Holland and grew up to be a National champion in Gymnastics, which then catapulted him into coaching athletes. Heiko was the first ever Dutch National coach within gymnastics. This was only the beginning! He humbly boasts winning gold with The Swiss snowboarding team, training Olympians in Winter and Summer sports, National Hockey, Football, Rugby teams and now CrossFit athletes.


Heiko is filled with joy and so happy to help others. His knowledge of human anatomy and movement is amazing and he uses it to help others be better. Although he is so knowledgable, he explains that you do not need a degree to use a Compex and anyone can get results straight away.


Compex is an electric stimulation unit that works your muscles via sending signals to your nerves. Heiko explains how body movement is governed by your brain sending an electric signal through the nerve system to activate the required muscle. Compex targets the motor nerve to help contract and relax the muscles.


Heiko explains that through using a Compex you can fix movement patterns simply by applying the Compex (resistance mode) and doing the movement. Say for instance a squat with valgus knees – you could place the electro pads on the glutes and hamstrings to help the correct muscles fire and stop the knees from caving in.


Heiko also explains that you cannot injure or over load yourself using the Compex. The unit can be used with beginners through to the best in the world. The unit can help fix muscle co-ordination, muscle firing, muscle pain and much more. There are multiple units available worldwide.


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