TCL Podcast Ep. 48 – Nathaniel Hodges – Play A Bigger Game

This week we have Nathaniel Hodges. He is one of our mentors from NXT LVL. Nat has a super interesting background coming from the powerlifting world, however now helps people and businesses to succeed in all areas and he loves the psychology of humans.


Nat was one of the original owners of PTC Brisbane, now known as Valhalla Strength. As well as owning a gym Nat ran seminars up and down the East Coast of Australia, helping thousands with Powerlifting.


Nat gives so many insights into owning a gym, taking the business to a positive income, progressing the business, training Coaches/Personal Trainers, programming, and building a community/really helping the members.


After all the gym talk, shit gets REAL! Nat goes deep. He explains how he found his dad hanging from a tree after he had committed suicide. He explains how this would crush most people, however it only drove him to do and be better.


Nat explains how when you having a bad day where you feel off you should do a “virus check” of yourself. This method helps to push the bad feelings to the side once you ascertain why you’re feeling that way, and get on with your day.


Nat dives into how creating your own ‘vision’ and using it to thrive off of daily is a good first stepping stone to creating your way to success.


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Nat Hodges