TCL Podcast Ep. 47- Lori Forner – Pelvic Health (For Both Men and Women)

This week we have Lori Forner. Lori is a pelvic health Physiotherapist. She started out as a sports Physio and eventually dove into (no pun intended) her niche market.


Pelvic health is a taboo subject, which is often over looked. Within the gym if you ever let out a little bit of wee whilst training there is a larger issue than first thought. However, that is what Lori – along with thousands of other pelvic health Physio’s from around Australia/World – can assist you with. It is not normal but can be fixed.


We talk about butt winks in the squat, what causes it, how it can be affecting your pelvic floor as well as how to activate and strengthen yourself and your movement patterns.


Lori Forner and Antony Lo run a podcast together called ‘The Pelvic Health Podcast’, which of course goes way deeper down the rabbit hole than we were able to cover within this episode.


Lori also runs PelvicWOD on instagram and her website, which have a few videos to help with pelvic floor and correct breathing during different movements and exercises.


Incontinence and prolapse are nothing to be ashamed of but should not be ignored. If you are having any issues please get in touch with Lori or your local Pelvic Health Physio on how you can work on improving your symptoms.


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