TCL Podcast Ep. 43- Laura Phelps – Sweatt & Shane Sweatt – Conjugate Methods

This week we have Laura & Shane Sweatt From CrossFit Conjugate. Between their coaching and training experiences they have broken over 50 world records in powerlifting! Impressive huh? These guys are strong and know how to get you strong!


Shane explains the Conjugate Method and why it is so effective as well as explaining why you may not have achieved great results with previous strength programs.


The Conjugate Method was created in Russia in the 70’s, however it’s modern day fame comes from Strength and Conditioning legend Louie Simmons. Laura and Shane felt that if they wanted to be the best they had to train with the best, so off they went to West Side Barbell to train with Louie.


And they are coming to Australia!!! In November they will be running their course: ‘Conjugate Methods’. This course is for everyone who wants to improve their strength, decrease their injuries, improve their CrossFit and broaden their knowledge. Courses will be held in Melbourne at CrossFit Richmond on 12th/13th November and in Brisbane at CrossFit Torian on 19th/20th November 2016.


See more info about the course here, and register ASAP:

Melbourne –


Brisbane –


You can find them at:

Instagram: @crossfitconjugate

@sweattshopcincinnat @lauraphelpssweatt