TCL Podcast Ep. 42- Tim Bishop – Take Your Business To The NXT LVL

Tim Bishop is the Co-owner of NXT LVL. NXT LVL help people achieve performance. Through self-mastery, creativity, and narrative Tim and his team at NXT LVL help you, your business, or your team to the next level.


Tim is from a military background and takes a no bullshit approach. He started NXT LVL out of frustration as too many people say they know what to do, they just don’t do it. This laziness comes from a lack of clarity and accountability.


Tim takes us through multiple systems that they have created at NXT LVL that you can literally take and start implementing straight away. He applies this to the CrossFit gym model and even gives 2 things that gym owners should start on NOW.


Grab a pen and paper and get writing, as there is so much gold in this show.


“The definition of hell is meeting the man or woman you could have become at the end of your time.”


Books mentioned:

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

Think And Grow Rich

The Power Of Now


You can find Tim and NXT LVL