TCL Podcast Ep. 41- Dr. David Wilkinson – Can Food Be Medicine Against Cancer

This weeks guest Dr. David Wilkinson is the author of  ‘Can Food Be Medicine Against Cancer’. The book itself has stirred the medical world a little as it is seen to be a bit controversial compared to standard medical practice.


Dr. David became aware of the concept after going to a conference in U.S.A that led him to study more. Dr. David realised there were plenty of studies out there however no one had put all of the information together. He took it upon himself to be the bearer of incredibly helpful news for cancer patients.


There are so many inconclusive and unfinished studies because the golden standard for scientific studies are “Randomised Control Trials”, which are hard to create due to the unlimited number of variables that cannot be controlled by the testers. It requires hundreds of people to undergo the study and more often than not, the study period may be years. As people’s behaviors, lifestyles, eating habits, etc. change regularly it’s hard to then put a conclusion to some studies. Dr. David has taken the approach that some evidence is better than no evidence, no matter how insignificant it may seem and so anywhere studies show success in treating cancer cells or preventing further relapses he has acknowledged them to create this book in which thousands have benefited from eating healthier, not only in helping to cure cancer but also to prevent it. He doesn’t claim that diet alone is the key but wants to push the message that it is extremely important alongside mainstream medicine.


The book itself offers top 10 foods that cancer patients should eat, favourable and unfavourable foods in general, exercise and it’s effects on cancer. The book targets different audiences, such as, if you’re looking to treat your cancer, If you’re looking to prevent cancer, as well as if you’re a health professional to give the how, what and why behind the science.


Dr. David talks about nutrition, exercise and mindfulness being the 3 stable pillars to keep in place for a healthy functioning body. Although it may be hard to hold onto all 3 of these things whilst suffering from cancer, or even through life in general, the benefits are amazing if you can prioritise these 3 areas.


This show will hit the hearts of many as cancer has a ripple effect and has crushed families and friends for years on end. Dr. David’s pursuit to help people in need is one that we should all get behind.


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