TCL Podcast Ep. 40 – Dr. Michael Breus – The Sleep Doctor

This week we talk to Dr. Michael Breus, the sleep doctor. Dr. Breus has over 17 years of experience in this field. This show is so jam packed full of absolutely amazing tips, tricks and information on sleep.


Dr. Breus has just released his new book, ‘The Power Of When’, and throughout the podcast refers to figuring out which chronotype you are and what that means. You can find out what your chronotype is by taking his quiz at


Straight off the bat Dr. Breus explains what happens in the brain when we sleep as well as the different levels of sleep achieved. One full cycle of sleep is approximately ninety minutes long. Dr. Breus quickly shuts down the myth that 8 hours of sleep is “the right amount” and is actually slightly too long, maybe leading to the reason you wake up tired every day.


The old saying ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’ may come sooner then expected if you don’t prioritise your sleep quality and quantity. However, there are ways around needing 5 cycles of sleep a night, using so called ‘sleep hacking’ methods. Through the use of melatonin and light therapy you can make things such as shift work and rotating rosters more bearable.


Consistency is the key to getting the ideal sleep. Going to bed and waking up at the same time, even on your days off. Often people will suffer from ‘social jetlag’ on weekends where they change their sleep and day-to-day practices around.


This podcast has something in it for everyone and we cannot recommend Dr. Breus and his products enough.

You can find Dr. Michael Breus at


The Sleepdoctor Website






The Sleep Doctor, Michael Breus, PhD


Websites Dr. Breus mentioned in the show:


Lighting Science is a global technology leader focused on improving the health and wellness of the planet and it’s people through innovative LED solutions –


CIRCADIAN® is the global leader in providing 24/7 workforce performance and safety solutions for businesses that operate around the clock –


During the day, computer screens look good—they’re designed to look like the sun. But, at 9PM, 10PM, or 3AM, you probably shouldn’t be looking at the sun.