TCL Podcast Ep. 39- Michelle Montgomery – Fitaid Australia & New Zealand

This week we have Michelle Montgomery from ‘Life Trends’ who owns the sole distribution of Lifeaid products in Australia and New Zealand. Michelle is an absolute gem and like many of us, is working hard to grow her business.


Michelle was an office worker and knew she had more to offer. She explains how one day over the diner table she told her family she wasn’t “going to work for the man” for the rest of her life, at which they laughed. She’s proud to now be running her own business and no longer working for the man!


Michelle’s journey to running this business started when she went out on a limb and sent an email to the CEO explaining who she was, what she was about and why she was the lady for the job. A few months later Fitaid arrived in the country.


Michelle has an unreal work ethic, which shows in so many ways throughout the show. The podcast is mainly around starting a business, how Michelle went about it and is still going about it.


You can find Fitaid and Michelle:

Facebook: Fitaid Australia & NZ