TCL Podcast Ep. 38- Katelin Marks & Johann Van Zyl – The Power Couple

This week we have Katelin Marks & Johann Van Zyl. These two are amazing individuals that come together to make an awesome power couple.


Katelin Marks is an ex Hockeyroo & 2-time CrossFit Regionals athlete. Johann is a National level water polo player and State level rower. Between the 2 of them they have a world of knowledge and years of adventures/experiences.


This episode is jam packed from nutrition at a professional level, sports psychology, misconceptions of nutrition with endurance athletes, water polo brutality, techniques to increase your rowing and so much more.


Something we as a nutrition company have seen recently is adrenal fatigue through being over trained, under nourished/fed. This is something that unfortunately has affected Katelin. She is one of our ambassador athletes and through trial and error with food we have made some headway. We have now referred her to a naturopath to look deeper into her blood work and all possibilities to ensure she is supplementing with vitamins and minerals to help get her back into tip top health. We hear of her experiences so far, along with Stacey’s experiences from when she suffered a similar experience.


Another really cool show with heaps of interesting topics!


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