TCL Podcast Ep. 36- Luke Baranowski – The Alpha Human

This week we have Luke Baranowski who is the owner of CrossFit Whiteout in Botany Bay, Sydney. He has also recently created his own podcast called ‘The Alpha Human.’


When Luke shifted CrossFit Whiteout into a bigger space he also had to change location. We talked all about starting a new gym, as well as relocating/upgrading a gym. We talk about the difference between being a coach and being a gym owner.


Luke explains his struggle to find balance as the gym tended to take priority over everything else. He’s now come out the other side and found ways to put himself first and save himself from burnout. He’s put a few things in place that have been huge game changers.


Luke is also a keen hunter and tells us of his mental struggles as a hunter. Not exactly what you’d expect to hear from someone who chooses to go out looking for animals to feed from, however he explains how he does it from a place of respect and sees it as the circle of life. He lives by the quote ‘The man that passed the sentence should swing the sword.’


This barely hits the sides of what’s in this podcast. Be sure to listen this one through, Luke’s a man with a lot of knowledge that’s worth hearing.


Find Luke:


Instagram: @crossfitwhiteout