TCL Podcast Ep. 35- Brad Sheppard from Create PT Wealth – Creating A Better Business

This week we have Brad Sheppard from Create Pt Wealth. Brad like most Personal Trainers/Business owners got incredibly burnt out. Brad had to make the choice. Does he quit and leave the industry he loves or does he figure out a more viable way? He was able to create multiple successful businesses. Listen in to find out how


Although Brad targets fitness professionals through Create PT Wealth, the course and the product itself is about Sales & marketing and creating a better business. Replace when he says personal trainer with your job role or business title and you will take a lot away from this show.


Brad has been kind enough to add some audio to the end of the show which will give you tips on;

– Personal passion

– Achieving your goals/dreams

– Building a team

– Creating systems

– Becoming a leader


At he end of the Show Brad offered up a special offer for all listeners. The Create PT Wealth Number 1 Best Selling book. He also offered up a special for anyone wanting to attend the course (which we highly recommend) Below is the link for you to receive those offers:


Find Brad Sheppard: