TCL Podcast Ep. 34- Lance Kelly & Mark Sicard from Paleoethics – Peptides, Vegetarianism and Cancer!

This episode is jam-packed. These two have come from different walks of life, however have been brought together by the amazing company they both work for and represent. Paleoethics is a young, health conscious company in Canada producing some of the purest supplements on the market. The boys explain how most of their products have been in formulation and testing for 2 years prior to even launching.


We talk about the bioavailability of different protein drinks. Most on the market offer 30-40g of protein per serve although how much of this do you actually absorb? We dive into different fillers and how their formulator went about keeping them out of the product.


Mark Sicard is a weightlifter competing in the Canadian Masters Category. He’s only been in the sport for 5 years, however he’s skyrocketed to the top of the competition floor. Mark explains his choices as a 12 year old that led him to be a vegan for most of his life. Only recently due to lack of food options in a small town has he decided to turn to vegetarianism. He explains his growth as an athlete and how he managed to get stronger without animal products.


Lance Kelly tells us how eating healthy and training literally saved his life! Firstly, it fixed/decreased anxiety issues, from which he suffered all through his childhood and schooling life. Secondly, just after the 2016 CrossFit Games Lance was rushed to hospital and found out that he had a bowel cancer. The doctor said if he wasn’t as healthy and fit as he is he wouldn’t have made it through this trauma.


Be sure to listen to the end. This one is full of goodies!


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