TCL Podcast Ep. 33- Darsha.Mia- Part 2. Finding The Positives In Every Situation

For the first time we have a repeat podcaster, with Darcia Ondrovcik (Darsha.Mia). If you haven’t yet heard her first episode be sure to go back and listen to episode 10.

Darcia has taken it upon herself to share her knowledge and wisdom with others (mainly females) suffering from domestic violence. Through local community set ups she is able to empower women through taking action of their health.

We talk about domestic violence in a little more detail in this episode, but more so about how you can help yourself or anyone else who is in an abusive relationship/environment.

We talk about her CrossFit Regionals and Games experiences and take aways that can be used for many walks of life, not just that of a competitive athlete.

This is another awesome show that turns a negative topic into a positive outcome. Listen in for the hidden goodies.

Find Darcia:

Facebook: @darsha.mia

Instagram: @darsha.mia