TCL Podcast Ep. 32- Amy Goldstrom – An Enlightened Approach to Physio

Amy Goldstrom is a physio operating out of Peak Sports and Spine Centre in Hawthorne, Brisbane. Amy was born in Canada and comes from a competitive skiing background. She competed at an international level in freestyle skiing (aerials, half pipe, big air) taking her all over Canada and the United States. Much to her upset at the age 17, Amy had some major accidents that lead to ACL, MCL, and meniscus tears as well as re-injuring her shoulder.

Amy describes her thrilling sport, including Summer and Winter training, the lack of fear from her young age, the unfortunate truth of losing friends through the sport, as well as much more.

Although injury took her away from her love of skiing, it introduced her to an incredibly passionate physio and orthopedic surgeon, which sparked a new love for Amy in the human body and physiotherapy. Through her own injuries, Amy was able to learn a lot about rehabilitation and her own anatomy and lead her to pursue a degree in physio.

Amy and the clinic she works with take a forward-thinking approach to body health and care. Intertwining physio, sports massage, chiropractic and podiatry in the one centre. It’s encouraged for her and her colleagues to do weekly further development. They often have outsiders from different expertise come in and share/teach them new skills and theories.

We cover most common injuries for CrossFitters and how they could decrease the risk of these from happening. We talk about stress headaches and neck pain, these being the most common issues Amy tends to see at Peak physio. She explains different basic mobility and stretching exercises to help rid you of this discomfort or once again try to prevent it from happening. As we always say, prevention is better than treatment in the long run.

This barely touches the surface of the golden goodies covered by Amy on this podcast. Tune in for some unreal knowledge.

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