TCL Podcast Ep. 30- Scott McGee – The Sisu Way

This week we’re joined by Scott McGee. Scott plays many roles in his life, probably most known for co-hosting on The Wodcast Podcast, however we get to see the real Scott McGee as we dive into fatherhood, being a detective and working in the L.A Swat Department.


Once we get over the cultural differences and hidden secrets of Venice beach and Santa Monica, we dive into Scott’s outlook on his kids and how he Fathers them. He tells a very heart warming story of how they almost lost their second child as well as some of the struggles and decisions he and his wife had to make to get through the pregnancy.


Among many interesting concepts, Scott talks about how life is about accepting or resenting. Information comes in, you choose to accept or resent it and then your attitude and behavior is your choice after that.


We talk about security blankets and how everyone gets too used to their own life. How simple it is to change perspectives however we still seem to push back.


Scott is an original gangster from California and shares some great stories with some very familiar names. We talk about his beginnings in CrossFit as well as introducing it to the L.A Police Department and using it for testing.


We touch quickly on ‘The Glock’ at The CrossFit Games, on which Scott gives his opinion but quickly turns his attention to drink driving and/or texting while driving. Being in the position he’s in he sees some pretty brutal stuff caused by people’s bad driving choices and wishes that people would redirect their anger and attention towards drunk drivers instead.


Scott has a heap of super interesting stories that will have you on the edge of your seat. Be sure to listen to the whole thing as so many of these stories have a greater underlining message. Below are a few references including how you can reach out to and find Scott.



Books Scott recommends throughout the Podcast.

‘The Obstacle Is The Way’ by Ryan Holiday

‘The Art of Living’

‘Extreme Ownership’ by Jocko Willink


Find Scott:

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