TCL Podcast Ep. 29- Logan Gelbrich – Deuce Gym, Original Nutrionals, The CrossFit Batman

Logan is a man of many walks and very appreciative of his past, as it’s got him to where he is now. This podcast was recorded outdoors so there is the occasional interference from planes flying overhead. We strongly recommend you see this through, as it is one of our favorite podcasts to date. Logan shares a heap of knowledge worth listening to.


Logan owns Deuce Gym CrossFit in Venice Beach, California. Logan co-owns ‘Original Nutritionals’ and he currently coaches on the CrossFit Strongman Specialty Seminar. Logan was scouted to play for the San Diego Compadres baseball team and played professionally for their Double A team.


We talk a lot about his scouting into college and the procedure of choosing the right school for him. We talk about the strength and conditioning program within USD and in hindsight how he would change things knowing what he knows now.


Logan took a different swing once leaving the Compadres and approached a CrossFit gym offering to be the best intern he could in hope to learn the ins and out of the business and eventually open his own box. The offer was accepted and Logan began his coaching career.


We dive into opening his own gym and introducing Strongman to the gym. His knowledge on the sport of Strongman is unbelievable and he explains how it lends itself to developing athletes.


This only touches the surface of the insights shared. Be sure to tune in.


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