TCL Podcast Ep. 28- The Alpha Human Interviews The Chief Life

This week is a slightly different spin as we are sharing ‘The Alpha Humans’ podcast where we, ‘The Chief Life’, get interviewed.


Luke Baranowski is a good friend of ours who owns CrossFit Whiteout and has recently also started his podcast. At first we were going to do a double interview but ended up deciding to do a part 2, where we’ll interview Luke.


There is a lot in this podcast. We talk about our beginnings in CrossFit. We talk starting gyms and Luke’s and Stacey’s experiences of opening and running a gym. We talk logistics from both ends of the spectrum of CrossFit classes from super gyms right through to shop front gyms.


We talk about expanding gyms/moving locations to bigger facilities as well as facilitating classes with 30+ people.


We talk about the beginnings of The Chief Life, everything from coming up with the name, to success stories, to business models/plans.


We talk in general about nutrition. How athletes should eat, and how to improve your performance in the gym.


Tune in as there is heaps in the episode that everyone can take something away from.







The Alpha Human Podcast