TCL Podcast Ep. 27- Amy Alessi – Super Athlete, Small Mermaid, Big Heart

Amy has been to regionals on several different occasions, once with a team and three times as an individual. She is now games bound with the CrossFit Athletic Team.


Even though Amy is still a young athlete like all of us she has a beginning in CrossFit and tells us about her first pull up experience where she used the thickest blue band possible and now humbly comments 40-50 unbroken pull ups.


Amy is a true fighter and her grit shows throughout the episode. She had a horrid experience after 2015 regionals where she was hospitalised with a bad case of rhabdomyolysis which went on to effect her for over 8 months.


Amy attributes her recovery to full health to dialing in her nutrition and focusing on her day to day recovery such as sleep.


This positive little trooper is a real inspiration to aspiring young athletes. She gives little tips and tricks along the way on how she’s fixed her mindset and transformed into a stronger athlete.


Tune in to hear more and find Amy Alessi at the 2016 CrossFit games or on instagram