TCL Podcast Ep. 25- Matty & Stace – Q&A with The Chief Life

This week we take a slightly different approach and answer some questions from you, the listeners.

We touch on carb back loading, carb re-feed, fasted cardio, mindset, our why, where the business is headed and much more.

We give our outlook on different diets including the pros and cons. We talk about cheat meals and keeping your mind sane. We do not believe that you should follow a meal plan for the rest of your life. We offer meal plans, however our main aim is to teach the users portion control and how to balance your macros at every meal and snack.

We have a great chat about self sabotage, how we overcome different desires and what we recommend our members to do.

We talk about new products we have available ranging from new Winter apparel, muscle up programs, however the one we’re most excited about is our ‘Basic Nutrition Education Video’ which is a 30 min video on the what and why behind food.

Listen in as we have a heap of good tips and tricks.